Golf Swing Club

Golf Lessons On Video


This collection of video golf lessons gives you your own private golf coach - at home.

We all relate to different people differently, so try several videos to find the best pro for your personality.

Set Up And Address

  1. Set Up
  2. The Grip
  3. Addresssing The Ball
  4. Golf Swing Mechanics


Golf Technique

  1. The Takeaway
  2. Release And Follow Through
  3. Basic Golf Swing
  4. Fairway Shots
  5. Pitching
  6. Chipping
  7. Bunkers
  8. Putting
  9. Putting Drills


Fixing Golf Faults

  1. Fixing the Slice
  2. Fixing the Hook


Advanced Golf Lessons

  1. The Professional Impact
  2. The Pro Move 2
  3. Back Spin
  4. Weight Shift
  5. Driving Accuracy
  6. The Divot
  7. The Draw


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