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Golf Swing Lesson - The Grip


Golf Grips is part of Golf Swing Clubs video golf lesson series of online video lessons to learn the perfect golf swing and how to fix your golf swing faults.


Golf Grip Lesson 1- Basic Grip Tips

A good discussion to help clarify the difference between a weak and a strong grip [1:59]

A weak grip - right handed golfer has hands turned to the right

A strong grip - right handed golfer has hands turned to the left


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 2 - Perfecting The Golf Grip

A more indepth look at the biggest golf mistake - nothing affects the golf ball flight than the grip. It controls how the club face comes into the ball. [6:54]

Left Hand

  1. Set the club down - make sure club face is facing the target
  2. Align your golf club to the side of the line drawn between the first crease of the index finger and the base of the little finger. Do not position this line UNDER the club.
  3. Place the meaty part of your palm to the top of the club, closing your grip with your thumb slightly down the right side of the club.
  4. The position of the hand is slightly to the right, supporting a strong grip. Don't hold too tightly.

Right Hand

  1. Create a V between thumb and the hand, and holding this position, slide the right hand up the grip so the left thumb sits in the hollow under the right thumb base
  2. Close the middle 3 fingers around the club. The club is held by the middle two fingers - not the hand.
  3. Place the pinky behind the knuckle of the left hand [or interlock]

Grip Pressure

Hold the club in your fingers, not your hands. Think about holding a tube of toothpaste without squeezing any out.

Remember, its a golf swing - not golf hit. A free swinging motion.


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 3 - More Grip Fundamentals

The key is a consistent grip. [5:56]. These drills will help develop that consistency.


More Tips For Your Golf Grip

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