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Golf Swing Video Lesson - Making Divots Thinner


This Divot Lesson is part of the Golf Swing Club Video Lesson Library

In this episode we speak with PGA Pro Barry Bonnifield on how to make our divots thinner. Fat divots are referred to as "Fat Shots"

Divot Lesson 1 - Making Divots Thinner

Taking big divots is common in amateur golfers attempting to stay 'down' in the shot [6:03]

The divot should be from the golf ball forward and thin = long and thin.

It all hinges around keeping the body posture static as you swing and rotate.

Divot Lesson 2 - Hitting Down On The Ball

In this lesson we look at the proper way to hit down and through on the ball.


Overcome the tendency to sweep the ball and learn how to hit down onto the ball.

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