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Putting Lesson 1 - The Putting Grip

In this video golf lesson golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses a particular type of putting grip that is designed to limit wrist movement during the putting stroke. This tip will help improve the your distance control and accuracy. [5:10]


Putting Lesson 2 - How To Putt [Infomercial]

Learn about the newest innovation in putting that is guaranteed to take 3 points off your handicap or your money back - the MACRO PUTTER [5:11]

Even though this is a Macro Putter sales pitch it does give some good points on putting and gives a good understanding of how putters are designed, and work.


Putting Lesson 3 - Putting Technique

Learn proper Putting technique to drop 6-10 points off your golf score in this video. [1:54]

Putting Lesson3 - Putting Technique 2

Learn proper putting technique in order to improve you golf score in this video from ExpertVillage's series on golf lessons. [3:36]


Putting Lesson - 4


Proper Putting Mechanics For Confidence

Using convential methods of putting for confidence. [4:29]

  1. Grip the putter using the reverse overlap grip helps prevent the left hand from breaking down
  2. Adopt a square stance
  3. Swing straight back to straight through only using the shoulders and arms. Same distance each direction.

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