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Advanced Golf Lesson - Professional Impact


An important discussion on the impact conditions that truly dictate how well you can play the game. By John Dunigan PGA Master Professional. [3:20]



The Professional Impact Move

As the ball is leaving the impact:

  1. The clubshaft is leaning forward
  2. The hands are in front of the clubhead and left leg
  3. Left arm straight - the right just about straight

Move designed to create backswing and compression. This is the only way the club can still be moving downwards at impact.

How to get the hands in front

Get the visualization first

Tell yourself: I am going to hit down on the ball to keep the club on the ball as long as possible.

Right hand is pushing the club down, not forward. This avoids the left wrist from breaking and resulting in a top shot or fat shot.

The way John teaches this lesson supports our approach on Golf Swing Club.

  1. Visualize
  2. Drill
  3. Play

Watch this video over and over until you have a clear image in your mind, practice the drills at home and on the driving range, then, and only then take your new skill to the course.

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