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Golf Swing Video Lesson - Pitching


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Pitching Lesson 1 - Difference between Pitching and Chipping

The difference between pitching and chipping is that in chipping we have a flat left wrist; in pitching we cock the left wrist.


Pitching Lesson 2 - Pitching Technique

Learn proper Pitching technique to improve your golf score in this video. [3:30]


Pitching Lesson 3 - Pitch Variations

Here Chuck Evans shows you the differences between a Hitting and Swinging Pitch shot.


Pitching Lesson 4 - Varying Your Pitch Distance

Some people use one pitching wedge and several golf swings to work their short game. To Bobby Eldridge, head pro of, this is an inefficient and unpredictable way to manage your short game. Why not use the same golf swing and different clubs to work your short game? Watch this short video clip and Bobby will show you the basics.

Key Point - use the same club with 3 different swing lengths to give 3 different ball distances.


Pitching Lesson 5 - The 40 to 60 yard Pitch Shot

Fine tuning for longer pitch shots

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