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Golf Swing Mechanics is part of Golf Swing Clubs video golf lesson series of online video lessons to learn the perfect golf swing and how to fix your golf swing faults.

Before we start lessons for different golf swings, we need an understanding of basic golf mechanics.


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 1- Basic Swing Mechanics

Learn about proper golf swing mechanics in this video from ExpertVillage's golf lessons series.

This lesson gives you a greater understanding of swing mechanics and how every small move or stance impacts the transfer of energy and direction from the club face to the golf ball. [2:57]


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 2 - Ben Hogan Downswing Plane

And more from on Ben Hogan's Downswing Plan


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 3 - Using the Legs

Brady Riggs shows you how to properly setup and use the legs in the golf swing. For more tips and free swing analysis software go to

New methods no longer use legs actively in the swing. Instead the legs are a supportive platform.

Knees facing slightly out, Slightly bent, wide and bouncy throughout the swing.

If your legs move - your upper body needs to compensate to keep your balance.


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 4 - The Flat Left Wrist

99% of golfers struggle getting the left wrist flat enough. This lesson helps overcome this fault. [3:38]


Golf Swing Mechanics Lesson 5 - The BackSwing Continuum

Brady Riggs explains that the transition of the golf swing is critical for creating power. Just like cracking a whip. [2:11]

Good tips on how to work on your sequencing to get rid of lag and create that smooth pro golf swing.

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