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Video Golf Lesson - Fixing A Slice Fault


Fixing Your Slice is part of Golf Swing Clubs video golf lesson series of online video lessons to learn the perfect golf swing and how to fix your golf swing faults.


Slice Correction Lesson 1 - Fixing Your Slice Fault

PGA Master Professional Ben Hogan analyzes his own swing to demonstrate the swing plane concept.


Slice Correction Lesson 2 - Understanding Key Golf Mechanics Causing The Slice

Getting that wrist releasing the and closing the club face. [1:13]

Key Points: Ball position forward, neutral right hand, release the right side, club face returning and closing at impact.


Slice Correction Lesson 3 - Start With The Grip

A slice fault starts in the grip. [3:38]

A slice is hard to fix. But with adjustments to the grip you can help bring your swing back on plane. Note that the longer the club, and the faster the swing, the more exaggerated the slice. So consider slowing down and keeping to the higher irons until you correct this fault.


Slice Correction Lesson 4 - Drill For Keeping The Wrist Flat

Brady Riggs shows you a drill to correct your golf swing if you are suffering from a slice. [0:51}

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