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Golf Swing Video Lesson - Getting Out Of Bunkers


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Bunker Mechanics

Understanding the mechanics of your sand wedge and the bunker environment helps to make sense of the slight changes in stance, club face and momentum of a successful bunker shot.


Bunker Lesson 1 - Hitting Your Bunker Woods Correctly

Its the shot that most amateur golfers fear. If you can't stay out of them, then learning how to get out of bunkers can take 2-3 shots off your hole total, by getting out first time. [2:40]

It's not that big a deal. The biggest mistake is falling away from the shot. You need to anticipate the resistance of the sand and be strong on the follow through.

Good Lie - Open the stance slightly to face the target more - open the face of the club. Little more arms than body, and KEEP MOVING.

Bad Lie - A buried lie is a little harder, but close the club face and just give it a little more power to take the divot underneath the ball.

And remember - rake the trap when you have finished.


Bunker Lesson 2 - Bens Bunker Basics

Ben Throckmorton shows you how to simplify bunker play and shoot lower scores in the process. [5:33]


Bunker Lesson 3 - Perfecting The Sand Game

Golf Pro Kevin Beukema gives amateur Bobby Gromala a few quick keys to a better sand bunker game. [2:26]

Four quick steps:

  1. Open your stance by slightly facing the target - keep the ball in the middle of the stance
  2. Open the club face
  3. Hit the sand about a half inch behind the ball
  4. Take a full backswing and follow through - avoid using a chip shot

The sand under the ball gives you the backspin to help keep control of the ball when using more muscle power.


Bunker Lesson 4 - Getting Out Of Fairway Bunkers

In fairway bunkers we need to both get over the bunker lip and get some distance. [3:19]

Key Points:

  1. Get the grip right - take it further down the club shaft
  2. Create a wide stance - to get a wide swing to get the distance


Bunker Lesson 5 - Getting Out Of Fairway Bunkers 2

See what happens if you try to use a Bunker wood to get out of a Bunker bunker.

Key Point - use the same club with 3 different swing lengths to give 3 different ball distances.

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