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Golf Swing Lesson - The Basic Golf Swing


Join us in our series of online video lessons to learn the perfect golf swing and how to fix your golf swing faults.

Now that you have a correct grip, the best address for your physique, and understand swing mechanics, we are finally ready for your first golf swing lesson. Following the tuition, the videos on swing analysis help to keep you fine tuning your golf swing.


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 1 - "The Golf Swing Secret"

Surprisingly - The key is to forget everything about golf mechanics and relax!!

When you are off the green or on the range - you can think mechanics, but on the golf course, the mechanics no longer matter - only the target matters.

The key to consistency is only thinking about what the ball considers:

  1. The path of the club
  2. The face angle of the club at impact

Always practice with a target in mind.

Basic Golf Swing Lesson 1 - Analysis of Tiger Woods Golf Swing

Before taking apart the golf swing, it pays to create a clear vision in your mind of the perfect swing. And who better to emulate, than Tiger Woods. Let's analyse all the parts of Tigers golf swing. [7:11]

The current world leader in golf still has issues with his golf swing. And naturally, he is the target for many golf pros to demonstrate the great and not so great in Tigers golf swing.

Pro golfers swing from the upper body on the backswing and lower body on the downswing. Practice swings are used to get some movement and rythym in the swing.


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 3 - Ernie Els Swing

A slow vision of Ernie Els golf swing.


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 3 - Relationship of Hands, Arms, Body

Rodney presents another golf swing tip from Sunol Valley Golf Club in the San Francisco Bay Area. The relationship betweens the hands, arms and body is an important aspect of a good fundamental golf swing. [1:19]


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 4 - Role of The Legs


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 5 - Keep It Long, Slow And Smooth


This lesson gives you a good basic understanding of why certain moves in the golf swing are important and how they impact the flight of the ball.

The key message here is: long slow and smooth -back swing and follow through


Basic Golf Swing Lesson 5 - Great Body Rotation Demo


Golf Swing Analysis - Ben Hogan

PGA Master Professional Ben Hogan analyzes his own swing to demonstrate the swing plane concept.


Golf Analysis - Downswing Plane

And more from on Ben Hogan's Downswing Plan

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