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Golf Video Lesson - Backswing


This Backspin Golf Lesson is part of the Golf Swing Club Video Lesson Library


Bunker Lesson 1 - Putting Spin on the Ball Correctly

Lee Scarbrow demonstrates how to put spin on the golf ball to improve your wedge shots.

  1. Must use a wedge
  2. A good hard golf ball
  3. Correct strike - keep your chest centered on the ball


Lesson 2 - Backspin Power

Backspin lesson with Golf Pro Barry Bonnifield about getting backspin on the ball on the approach. [5:00]


Backspin Rate depends upon:

  1. The ball you use -use a hard ball
  2. The turf condition
  3. Hitting to a sloping green back to front
  4. How well you strike the ball
  5. The right distance plan

The demo uses a 60 degree wedge, hit 75% over 60 yards over a good lie.


Backspin Lesson 3 - Too Much Of A Good Thing

And it doesn't need to be in English to get the lesson here! [2:28]



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