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Golf Swing Video Lesson - Addressing The Ball


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Set Up Lesson 1 - Address For Putting

Putting is a less complex biodynamic, so we are going to start with this set up first. This short video outlines the importance of ensuring your forearms are correctly aligned when addressing a putt shot.

I have found the extending the middle finger down the shaft of the putter ensures that the forearms stay parellel, and also provides for a lighter pendulum feel the the movement of the club. Very effective!


Set Up Lesson 2 - Addresing Your Driver Shot [How Not To Do It]

Take this simple golf swing tip from Bobby Eldridge, head golf pro for PurePoint Golf. Bobby explains the correct set up at address for a driver swing. [1:51]


This instruction typifies what I don't like about a lot of golf instruction. In this video, a very experienced golf instructor is telling you to change your body stance to counter your bad swing technique. This is counter to the golf swing club approach. By training your body to swing in the correct plane, you do not need to make such adjustments. Do it right!

Lesson 2 - Part II - Getting It Right

This video takes you through the complete set up, address and swing. It explains step by step every biomechanical alignment to ensure you get the most power from your golf swing and that the ball travels in the desired direction


Now thats the Golf Swing Club way!

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