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Golf Swing Analysis - Tiger Woods Swing


The following videos demonstrate how video can assist in demonstrating your deviation from the perfect golf swing plane and how to correct your own golf swing.

Golf Swing Analysis1 - Tiger Woods

If you haven't yet viewed the Nike's Tiger Woods Golf Swing - check this out first then return here for expert analysis of Tigers swing to find out what makes him such a great golfer.

This video demonstrates Tigers enormous strength and flexibilty - a great amount of shoulder turn with such a little amount of hip turn... [1:08]. Note how Tiger drops into the downswing groove and locks into that Pro Move


Tiger Woods Golf Swing Dynamics

This video discusses in more detail the set up and impact movement. [3:42]

The impact positions are drastically different from the set up positions.


Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis - 3

Bob Toski analyzes the golf swing of Tiger Woods. Amazing video clip. Hall of Fame golfer Buddy "The King of Clubs" Demling says Tiger is the best player in the world today. US Marine veteran Lukas Dwelly agrees. [7:11]

  1. Tiger has the fastest arm swing in the game, meaning his hands and wrist don't have to work that hard.
  2. Correlation between the upper and lower body gives him near perfect synchronisation to utilise total body power.
  3. Width of stance helps him keep a balanced line of play.

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