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The Mind Secrets to Mastering The Mental Game Of Golf


Most golf sites and books talk a lot about the grip, the swing, the high wind strategies, the game rule and so on, but not so many cover the most exasperating part of the game for many golfers - overcoming the mind game. That voice in your head that just won't keep quiet - it comments on every part of  your game, and is prone to calling you rather unsavory things at any time.

All sports professionals will tell you that the inner game is equally as important as the outer game. Tiger Woods golf swing is not perfect. But his mental game is as close as you will ever get in a golfing professional. It's his secret weapon that very few golfers achieve.

At the time I first started playing golf I was staggered as to how seriously golfers took getting that little white ball in the hole. After all, it's just a game, it's not life threatening.

The self doubt talk was an amusement in itself. I guess as a previous Executive and Personal Development Coach I am more familiar with the impact of self talk than most. And, I can assure you I don't always practice what I preach, but I do very quickly pick up my failings in this area and take rapid corrective action.

Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • First tee jitters - hard to settle down to your preshot routine
  • Self conscious playing in front of strangers, especially on the first tee
  • Post shot anger
  • Self deprecating talk after a few bad shots in a row, and just wanting the game over
  • Course management errors
  • Rushing your pre-shot routine - or worse, not having one.
  • Playing worse in competition - performance anxiety and choking under pressure
  • Inability to focus

One man who really understands the inner game is golfing author Wade Pearse.  Wade claims to have a Masters in Results when it comes to the mental game of golf.

By using powerful mind control techniques, followers of Wades mental golf program have dropped to single digit handicaps, almost overnight.

If you feel your mental game is holding you back, then don't waste another minute or another dollar on driving ranges and golf lessons until you have invested a minimal sum to get Wades mental golf program, called the "Mental Game Mastery Package"

With an 8 week, 100% satisfaction guarantee you can't go wrong. And Wade offers you three options:

Option 1 - Complete Starter Package including ebook "Every Golfer's Guide to the Development and Mastery of their Inner Game" - plus 2 Free Audio Coaching Sessions.

Option 2 - Intermediate Course including Option 1 package + 3 more advanced coaching sessions

Option 3 - Advanced Course including Option 2 package + 3 super advanced coaching sessions

AND  of course there are some great bonuses that go with every option

So conquer your Inner Game of Golf and see YOUR handicap dwindle.

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