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Tips from top golf instructors on your golf swing. Some may surprise you. All will improve your golf


Swing Sequence

This is a rather complicated dril, but for those with sequencing issues, it will help getting your swing in proper sequence from the bottom up:

  1. With a 6-iron and the ball teed up slightly, take your normal address.
  2. Move your left foot toward your right foot so they are almost touching and the club is 8 to 10 inches behind the ball.
  3. Take a swing, stepping toward the target before you reach the top of your backswing.

This weight shift will initiate the downswing, creating the proper lagging motion. The body leading the arms, that delivers the club powerfully and on plane.


Start Out Swinging Slow

Ben Hogan once said that 20 balls hit slowly teaches you more than 100 balls at full speed.

Aim to produce shots of 25 to 40 yards. This forces you to be balanced throughout the swing and allows you to think and feel your way through the swing positions.


Drills For Extending Your Swing, And Your Drive

Power shots result from maximum swing speed resulting from full release of the club and a wide follow-through arc. The left wrist remains flat and the left arm straight well past impact.

This drill helps you create this sense of extension.

As your clubhead approaches the ball, let your right hand slip off the grip.

This forces your left arm to fully extend to the target and your left wrist will stay flat, as long as your body keeps rotating.

Imagine a goal post 6 feet down the target line from the ball. You are aiming to get your clubhead through the posts as it travels up the arc.


Keep You Eyes Down

The tendency to want to immediately see where your ball is going zaps your drive and your accuracy. By keeping your eyes on the ball zone well after you have hit the ball forces your follow-through path to stay down and extend forward, giving more accurate drives.

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