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Putting Tips From Golf Pros


Have you ever noticed how often even the pros miss those short putts. These tips from top golfers on how to nail those putts, will help you drop your score by not giving away easy shots.


Start The Putt With Movement

What that really means is avoid putting from a static position.

Get some 'movement' going BEFORE you begin the backstroke. Pro golfer Darrell Klassen suggests you line up your shot; settle into the putting posture, then just before you begin the backstroke, tap the putter head up and down twice. The tapping feeds the grass level to your brain and gets the body moving before the final action.


Short Putts

  1. Short Putts - make sure you maintain a true pendulum action by visualizing a rod running through your shoulders and extending outward in both directions.
    1. As you make your stroke, pretend the rod is sliding up and down a flagstick in the cup.
    2. In a true pendulum stroke the putter head rises and falls with the shoulder motion.
    3. Remember: Left shoulder up for more putts in the cup. This helps with follow through on the stroke and keeps the ball aiming straight for the hole.


Stay Low

Focus on keeping the putter head low to the ground - this helps to keep the putter on plane.


Stop Trying To Sink That Putt

A sure way to miss a putt is to really "try" to make the putt. Instead:

    1. Pick your line
    2. Determine the speed of the putt
    3. Get over the ball.
    4. Visualise the ball travelling along your line to the hole.
    5. Make the stroke.

Using visualization is extremely powerful in putting. It automatically aligns the putter face to the line and signals to your body the proper speed for the distance required.


Putting Or Chipping From The Fringe

When making chip shots and off-the-green putts, leave the flagstick in. You will increase your success rate by about 33 percent.

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