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Taking the Clubhead to the Ball Too Early

After taking a nice slow backswing, many golfers then tend to rush the club to the ball. The problem with this is that the first part of the body activated is the wrists, and this starts a whole chain reaction of problems, including yanking the arms down and closing the club head too early.

Instead, you need to keep your wrists supple and loose, avoiding any tension , and making no effort to rush the club. To help do this, try bumping your hips to the left [for a right-handed golfer] a little just as you begin your downswing. This tilts the spine slightly and raises your left shoulder. Take care to keep your shoulders back and avoid arching the back.

This helps to keep the wrists cocked – storing the power for later release and forces the club and arm into the slot [to the inside].

The result is a more powerful and accurate shot.

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