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Golf is an international sport played by those of all body shapes, all cultures, all ages. With such a vast array of books, instructional DVD's, golf training aids and instructional methods, just how does one find THE best golf technique.

My view is that the best golf technique is one that suits your:

Natural healthy body shape - not your overweight one, or under developed one. Using golf biomechanics to leverage your natural body composition to get a controlled energy explosion

Golf Fitness - playing tennis twice a week does not make you golf fit. The golf swing is an explosive movement, and attempting to use the body in ways for which it has not been adequately prepared through a regular golf fitness exercise program will most likely result in injury and loss of motivation.

Your current golf ability - trying to achieve the Pro Move when you have just started playing golf can not only lead to continued dissappointment by trying to run before you walk, but may also risk damaging your tendons by overstressing a body that is not golf fit.

Your desired golf ability - why spend hours and dollars on golf lessons to perfect an otherwise average golf swing if you only plan to play at a mid 20's handicap once a month.

Golf playing routine - do you play twice a week, twice a month or twice a year

Golf budget - there is no point getting extensive golf lessons, if you then cannot afford to go out and play the game. Your budget will also determine the quality and expense of your golf equipment - golf clubs, golf balls, training aids etc

Time available - many of us have to sneak golf between our home, work and family commitments. You may find that developing your golf technique through a home golf fitness program and use of golf training aids is a more acceptable option than attending golf coaching schools and driving ranges.

So, golf technique is NOT just about the final outcome of how you swing a golf club, its also about how you choose the journey to becoming the best golfer for you!

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