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The Perfect Golf Swing


What is the perfect golf swing

In attempting to answer this question let's consider a few options.

  • A golf swing that is consistent and reliable every time
  • A golf swing that is perfect for the current conditions or weather and terrain
  • A golf swing that maximises the golfers physical ability
  • A golf swing that gives the longest drive.


We all have our own definitions, and I will leave it to you to determine what is the right answer for you. However, for most golfers it is a combination of the above; that is:

A perfect golf swing that consistently gives the longest drive, on fairway, in the current weather conditions, and that does not over tax the physical limitations, thereby potentially resulting in injury.


The Golf Swing Club Perfect Swing Definition

This is the definition adopted by this site. I have read many blogs or articles on how some golfers swing is better than Tiger Woods. Because its faster, or that it drives longer. But I challenge that golfer go out in any conditions and consistently deliver as Tiger does. Sure, we all recognise that Tigers swing is not as consistent as it was prior to his knee surgery, but as a contribution to his overall game, and his physical limitations to prevent recurrence of the knee problems, it is the perfect swing for Tiger Woods.

That to me, is the aim of this site. To help you develop the perfect golf swing for you, not compared to anyone else.

For instance, check out this video below - this golf swing is "perfect" for this player, as it was developed within the confines of this golfers capability.


Okay, I'm messing with you, but you get the picture. Don't be driven by what is perfect for another golfer.

Work each area of golf fitness, physical limitation, course features, local climate conditions etc to find out what golf swing profile delivers you to most consistent drive over extended periods, without injury.


To Develop The Perfect Swing For You

  • Assess your current physical ability
  • Undertake a concentrated program of golf fitness
  • Add golf swing drills into your weekly golfing program
  • Understand the different course conditions and weather conditions, and develop variations of your golf swing to meet these variables.
  • Practice everything above, every week and keep a log to track your improvement.

The best improvement program is a series of small incremental gains.

  1. Develop a "perfect swing" for one club - then move on to another
  2. Develop a "perfect swing" for one set of conditions - then move on to another


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