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Standard golf instruction starts with teaching the basics of how to hold a club, address the ball, and complete a basic swing.

From that point, the most common path is to spend the rest of ones golfing life overcoming swing faults by making a number of small "tweaks" to your swing technique.

Each subtle change in technique builds upon a previous change, to form a bundle of complex “little corrections” that are inherently impossible to repeat on a consistent basis.

This is where modern biomechanic based golf differs. Biomechanic golf fitness is based on how the body must move to effect the perfect golf swing motion. Golf instruction is therefore based on improving the way the body moves.

In total, there are two main components of the perfect golf swing:

  1. The physics behind the golf swing and ball path
  2. The biomechanics of the golf swing.

When both components come together, the swing is effortless and imparts that maxiumum energy and directional control to the ball.

The golf swing is an explosive, and physically stressful action. To effect is efficiently, without injury to the body, you must prepare your body, before you pick up a golf club.

Using golf specific fitness training, you can dramatically improve your driving distance. Joint flexibility allows you to employ full swing mechanics, increasing your club swing range.

  • Muscle strength supports postural stability for a consistent swing plane and increased club swing speed, giving maximum distance and control
  • Postural balance and muscular stability and co-ordination increases your club swing power through harnessing the combination of power transfer and skill execution.

Employing a safe and efficient exercise program designed specifically for golfers, these three fitness components can result in a consistent and powerful golf swing.

So, rather than enduring years of technical golf “fix-up” instruction which attempts to overcome your lack of physical ability, biomechanic based golf “instruction” is based on your golf specific physical fitness.


Benefits Of Biomechanic Golf Fitness

Taking a golf fitness approach to your golf game has multiple benefits over standard golf instruction.

  • Improves Overall Fitness - By improving all the components of biomechanics, total body fitness improves in a controlled and balanced manner. As one ages, this becomes even more important as normal age progression tends to result in reduced muscle mass and flexibility, as well as reduced joint movement.
  • Less Injury - Standard golf instruction requires abnormal changes to the way the body moves throughout the swing. This is more likely to lead to injury than ensuring the body can sustain the golf swing movements, before the swing action is undertaken.
  • Leverage - Golf is a game in which a small advantage in one area can mean the difference between finishing 1st or finishing 20th.
  • Mental Game Control - being physically fit, the body feels and functions well. This supports mental fitness enabling more focus on the game.

Look at the world golf rankings of top professionals. The difference between 1st and 20th positions can sometimes only be a few shots per round. Winning in golf only needs small margins, that means small gains can make huge differences.

Since most golfers don't spend a great deal of time on improving their golf fitness, you have the opportunity to leave them behind and maintain a year-round fitness to stay competitive.

Fitness training helps to reduce your physical limitations and help you optimize your swing pattern. This training is based on a more efficient transfer of momentum, which means improved ball striking capability and increased club head speed at impact.

With the average game round including about 50 hard swings and 8,000 yards of walking, your fitness level needs to be appropriate for high-performance golf.

This is what golf biomechanics is all about. Its a balanced combination of swing technique training and off-course golf fitness training.

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