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Golf Specific Strength Training


Would you expect the grinder on the winch of an Amercias Cup racing yacht to do the same training as a F1 Racing car driver, or a swimmer? No, of course not.

It is important that your golf strength training exercises are specifically beneficial to your golf swing.

Cross-Specific Training for the golfer uses strength training exercises that train the entire body [muscles, nerves and skeletal] to the positions, movements and physical requirements of the golf the swing.

Your aim is transfer-of-training effect onto the course. Developing strength in the big muscles of your legs, hips, and core to execute the golf swing can be done at home, 15-20 minutes three times a week.

When looking for golf training programs, I am more interested in attaining overall body fitness and strength rather than the body building exercises commonly found on Muscle Building Websites. The following programs offer a sampling of good strength training programs that have been developed by general fitness professionals.


Lower Body - Legs And Hips

The lower body needs to be strong enough to brace yourself during the swing, without letting the hips slide. It also needs to be strong enough to control the sideways shift of weight, without undue rotation of the knees. Many knee injuries with golfers result from poor technique, which in turn is often due to lack of lower body strength and co-ordination.

Georgia State University Lower Body Strength

VIDEO - Leg Extension

VIDEO - Leg Press


Strengthening The Core

The core refers to the 29 muscles around your trunk and pelvis; where your center of gravity is located. A strong core gives you:

  • Increased protection and "bracing" for your back
  • Controlled movement
  • A more stable center of gravity
  • A more stable platform for your golf swing

Georgia State University Abdominal Exercises

VIDEO: Abdominal Crunch

SLIDE SHOW : Core Exercises


Upper Body Strength

Georgia State University Upper Body Training Program

VIDEO - Bench Chest Press - this exercise can just as easily be done on the floor.

VIDEO - Tricep Extension

VIDEO - Bicep Curl


Total Body Workouts

Strength Building As We Age [CDC] - this is a great program with progressive stages that works all parts of the body; including the grip.

In just a few weeks of specific golf strength training you can expect to notice a difference in how your swing feels. Hitting with your driver will feel effortless, almost as though you are only giving it 85% of your maximum effort. And with that, you get the greatest amount of carry on the ball.

What has happened is that the power outputs of your body are now so much greater than before, so you no longer have to swing with 100% effort. And that means better driving and less risk of injury.


Yoga For Strength

Yoga, done correctly takes an immense amount of strength and co-ordination. As it requires engagement of every muscle of the body to give the proper technique, I find it a valuable exercise in not only building strength but also body awareness.

Some of my favourite yoga poses that add strength and club head speed are:

  • Abdominal Press Downs
  • Abdominal Press-Downs with Crunches
  • Extended Table Pose
  • Locust Pose
  • Abdominal Oblique Pose
  • Hand to Foot Pose with a Strap
  • Hand To Foot Pose