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Golf Fitness Program Progress


The first phase for improving your golf game and avoiding physical injury is improving you general fitness. This means designing a fitness program, based upon the results of the measures and tests

The second phase employs golf specific targeted training that includes stretching, strengthening, and dynamic sequencing exercises that mimic the movements used in the golf swing.

Progress through the golf fitness program allows your body to rapidly adapt to the demands of the golf swing, without injury. It is very important that you complete the warm up exercises BEFORE starting any of the more dynamic movements. These are the same warm up exercises you use before driving range practice or going out for a game.

The order that you do the remaining exercises is also important. I like to start off with a few simple flexibility stretches after my warm up, but don't push them to the max. This only need take a few minutes. Then move on to the strength section.

After completing the strength workout, the muscles are very warm and really benefit from a more intense stretch and flexiblity workout segment. And it feels so good.

Once the body has reached the delightfully 'worked out' feeling it it a perfect time to move on a few relaxation exercises. I generally couple these with some visualisation techniques to get those powerful images entrenched into the brain when it is the most receptive.

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