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Improve Your Balance; Improve Your Golf Swing


Balance is one essential element of a consistent and bio-mechanically correct golf swing.

An understanding of balance is connected to the golf swing requires an understanding of how the club moves on a proper swing path.

It is not the golf swing itself that creates balance; rather it is the physical posture of the golfer’s body in relation to the positioning of the golf club and ball.

Improving posture and balance is one way you can build a repeatable swing and consistent swing path.

Balance requires the neuromuscular system [nerves and muscles] to maintain proper alignment and center of gravity during the golf swing; just as it must be able to maintain control of itself during any other physical activity.


Postural Alignment & Center Of Gravity

Proper postural alignment and center of gravity is not just important at the address stage. It is equally important during all phases of the swing. A golf swing requires the body to perform simultaneous rotational and linear movements, in the correct sequence and with the correct timing.

We often hear about how a pro golfers swing is so great due to their natural balance, or sequencing of movement. Yet each of these elements is not glorious without the intricate support of the other two elements.

Once your brain has committed to memory the proper anatomical positions required by the swing, the muscle memory will take over. From that point, you will notice that it takes less effort to control your body, resulting in greater swing efficiency, power and consistency.

So remember, balance is not an element of your golf swing, rather it is an element of your body.


How To Improve Your Balance

Balance training is an inherent part of any comprehensive golf fitness program. It requires you to develop optimal balance in both static positions and dynamic [moving] states. Thefore, training to improve balance must include both static and dynamic balance exercises.


Static Exercises For Balance

Static balance exercises develop greater efficiency within your muscles and nerves to maintain a specific posture. There are many occasions during a game of golf that static positions are used: shots from the side of a hill or sloping bunker shots. These both require your spine to be held steady in a specific position.

Balance requires two physical components of your body to work together, your muscles and nerves. These systems working together allow for postural alignments, center of gravities, weight transfer and spine angles to be maintained during all phases of the swing.

Using the following static exercise will help you maintain your balance in situations where your body must attain optimal balance in unusual situations.


Single Leg Hold

A great static balance exercise for golf is the single leg hold. It can be done anywhere.

  1. Stand in your address position for a normal short iron shot. [No club necessary]
  2. Maintaining your address spine angle, slowly lift your right foot off the ground 3-4 inches.
  3. Hold this position for 30 seconds.
  4. Return your right foot to the ground.
  5. Repeat the exercise lifting the left foot.

Remember we need to improve both strength in the muscular system and create greater efficiency within the nervous system. Once you have improved your static balance, you will find it much easier to maintain balance during movement. Just understanding the dynamics alone assists with this. The body cannot conceive what the mind cannot perceive.

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