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Essential Golf Equipment For Beginners


When a golfer first starts out playing golf, it is often with hire clubs or a borrowed set. Once they get bitten by the game, as most do, the basic golf equipment needed is:


  • Golf Bag - carry golf bag, travel golf bag or full trundler golf bag
  • Golf Trundler [optional] - manual or electric
  • Golf Clubs - a half set or full set
  • Golf Balls - buy cheaper balls, you will lose a few. Second hand balls are a good option
  • Golf Tees - make sure these are the right height for your clubs
  • Golf Shoes - soft sprigs are compulsory on most club course
  • Golf Clothing - most course have a strict dress code, so check with your local clubs
  • Golf Umbrella - for both wet and super hot sunny days
  • Divot Lifting Fork - for lifting dents made in the green
  • Golf Club Cleaning Brush
  • Small Towel - for cleaning balls during the game
  • A Driver - start out with your 3 Wood, progress to 1 wood, then a driver.
  • Pencil - for scoring cards or click scorer

And if you want proof that you don't need a full set of clubs to make a sub-90 round - check out the theory behing 'Four Sevens And A Putt'


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