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SMT Golf's 455 Takes Command Of Driving Records Worldwide


Back in June 2005, Baden Waiwai and Kate Chadwick broke two New Zealand Long Drive records in one weekend using SMT Golf's 455 Deep Bore Driver.

Baden Waiwai captured the Men's Open Division with a drive of 383.44 m, which was 40 meters past the next closest competitor. Kate Chadwick dominated the Junior Girls Division in similar fashion with her 455 Deep Bore when she drove the ball 241.15 m.

And it seems that SMT 455 Deep Bore has struck again. This time at World Championship level.

New Zealand first time long drive competitor, 19 year-old Phillis Meti, has just nailed the 2006 Womens World Long Drive championship in Nevada with a drive of 326.45 yards. And she hit is with, guess what, an SMT 455 Deep Bore with Accuflex shaft. This makes Phillis the youngest woman in the world to ever win this coveted title. Her drive was 44 yards longer than her closest rival.

The impressive statistics of SMT did not stop there. It seems that ALL of the world championship competitiors were playing with SMT; none being paid to do so. Is the World Long Drive Championship fast becoming an SMT Driving Match Play competition?

And with all this grip and rip, not one club head broke during the competition.

It's easy to be impressed with the performance of these competitors, but let's not forget those skilled professional golf club fitters.

For Braden and Kate it was Warren Smith of Smith's Golf in New Zealand Smith, SMT Golf's Master Distributor in New Zealand, has been a long time supporter of the SMT brand and has worked with several International Long Drive Champions over the years.

Whilst the fitter of Phillis's club is not known to us, she openly credits NZ Long Drive champion Davyn Nola for his support and advice during the compeition.

SMT Golf's 455 Deep Bore Driver seems to accumulating an impressive list of accolades over the past 4 years. When you put the right club combination into the hands of such talented competitors like this there's no telling what kind of greatness they'll be able to achieve. Congratulations to all three of them what an amazing weekend."

And it seems when you put the club in the hands of greatness, nothing stops it.

SMT Golf is based in Oswego, Illinois. For more information about SMT Golf products, visit their website at


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