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Those who believe that modern design elements in golf irons do not maketh the game, just haven't tried the right clubs.

In previous articles we looked at the basics of:

But what of the latest advances in golfing technology. And how are they being used in the design on irons.

Golf Iron Head

Typical golf marketing materials, such as that presented by Thomas Golf profess their Custom AT-510 Irons
" increase accuracy by combining the latest technologies and high-performance designs with proven shot alignment technology" :

"Head Technology produces unsurpassed forgiveness, easy launch, and maximum playability, while the exclusive patented shot aiming indicator makes it easier to place your ball right on target"

"Unique patented shot alignment indicator offers exceptional visualization and proven accuracy."

"The AT-510 irons have weight strategically and uniquely distributed in each clubhead of the set. The long irons have weight concentrated low, rearward, and in the heel to facilitate squaring the clubhead and getting the ball airborne. This weight positioning creates a high ball flight for long, soft-landing shots".

"As the club numbers increase throughout the set, the AT-510 design incrementally shifts higher and towards the toe to precisely calibrate trajectory and spin rate to prevent shots from ballooning while maintaining the ability to hold greens".

This is a great example of how recent technology is expanding the capability of the average golfer.

NOTE: A recent announcement that the rules will be changed to “restore the historic importance of driving accuracy in the game based on extensive research into the effect of club face groove markings on spin generation for balls hit from the rough”. This indicates that the rules of golf are going to keep it as fairly matched to skill as possible. Read full article.

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