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The Most Important Piece of Equipment In Golf


What would you chose as the most important piece of equipment in your golf game. Your driver? Your putter? How about you….your body!

You can spend thousands of dollars in the latest golf club technology and years of golf instruction and practice, as still not reach your goals.

If your body is incapable of completing the dynamic movements required for a consistent golf swing, then you are very unlikely to ever achieve the handicaps you desire.

Tiger Woods and other top PGA Tour players invest a great deal of time on their physical conditioning. Total body conditioning means as much time in the gym as the golf course.

Both the LPGA Tour and PGA Tour have fitness trailers that travel to each tour stop. The most competitive players in the world have come to realize that their body is their most important asset.


Golf Fitness

Many golfers incorrectly assume that if they run marathons and lift weights, then they are golf fit. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each sport requires its own unique fitness that supports the common repetitive movements that support optimal performance.

A golf specific fitness program can benefit any golfer at any age. There is no need for a gym, but a balance ball, bungey strap and yoga mat will help. You can easily make you own golf fitness training equipment. For instance, I have an old golf club grip attached to a bungey. It acts like a weighted training club, but works both ways, to keep muscle development balanced.

Even just sitting on the physio ball forces the contraction of the stomach muscles (core muscles).
Putting them together –

  1. Tie the rubber band to a secure point such as a doorway.
  2. Whilst sitting on the physio ball, pull the golf gym rubber band into your chest with the arms, then make a twisting motion, slowly release the rubber band and repeat on the other side. 3 sets of 15 reps.

The rubber band and the resistance will increase strength, while the twisting motion of the upper body will enhance flexibilty.

Geometry is power – it opens up power. It means bigger and better controlled distance.


Complete Golf Fitness Training Program

A complete golf fitness training program includes:

  • Relaxation – deep breathing learned in Yoga is ideal for this.
  • Body Flexibility – especially hips and glutes for proper hip rotation.
  • Core Strength – for lower back health and endurance. Co-ordinates the abdominal, back and hamstring.
  • Upper Body Strength - golf specific strength as used in a full golf swing.
  • Mental Fitness - never underestimate the power of the 'inner game'