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A Bad Golfer May Be Able to Blame His Tools!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

We all know the saying ‘A bad workman always blames his tools’, yet today, with the advances in technology, this saying is not so easily dismissed. And, golf is no exception.

Golf club technology is bounding ahead in huge strides. So much so, that a number of drivers are deemed ‘illegal’ by the golfing powers to be purely because they offer the golfer too much advantage.

One problem area where the golf club can make a huge difference is ‘shanking’ – you know, that horrible feeling when the hosel part of the clubhead hits the golf ball first, sending your ball very off course. And have you noticed, that once you do one shank, you do more!!

Although shanking is attributed to an incorrect swing path, much of the reason is linked to the golfers mental state and loss of trust in their clubs….you know, those tools we blame!!

Having trust in your golf equipment is essential to a good golfing state of mind. In most cases, changing your clubs will NOT correct your bad golf technique, shanking is perhaps an exception. In this case however, it is not so much the brand of club but rather the type of club you are using.

  1. Standard irons – the hosel is either in line with or ahead of the club face, making shanking more likely.
  2. Hybrid irons – are half iron, half wood with the hosel up and out of the way, significantly reducing the likelihood of shanking
  3. Fairway woods – have the entire face forward of the shaft and hosel, giving you as much chance of shank proofing your golf shots

So before you go storming off to buy a new set of clubs, try changing your iron for a fairway wood for a while, let that mental condition have a chance to get out of the way of your golf swing, then work your way back to your irons again.