Golf Injuries – They Can Happen Anywhere

Many of the golf injuries sustained are through lack of technique, but most are from lack of fitness.

A typical golf swing is an explosive action, demanding rapid response from muscles more tuned to more gradual exertion. No wonder that so many new Golfers rip the delicate tendons around the elbow, resulting in Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow. A little more time put into golf fitness BEFORE you start tackling 100 balls on the driving range will go a lot further than your drive distance. It’s more about keeping you on the golf course, rather than on the physiotherapists table.

But take caution in the type of exercise you choose, and the technique employed performing that exercise. And believe me, I am talking from experience.

Before I took up golf I embarked on a two month golf specific training program. It prepared my body for the postural, balance, core strength and flexibility. However, I overlooked some of the smaller, more localised areas. In an attempt to train my fast twitch muscle response I took up Kick Boxing. All was going great – until I damaged my right elbow from locking it out too much in the punch. A simple mistake, but it has been an irritating injury now for over 4 months.

So although, I have no suffered any golf related injuries, I did fail to learn sufficiently about the exercise technique and how these types of injuries are sustained. I rectified that omission and have put together a resource to help not to fall into this same trap.

Learn from my mistake – take a bit of time to learn about the most common golf injuries, and how to prevent them. provide detailed information on golfing injuries and plenty of exercise drills to help condition your body for the specific golf swing mechanics.

Listen to every signal your body gives you. And take care in your response. I am now using a simple hand grip to increase muscle strength in the forearm and to recover from my elbow injury. With the knowledge I have now gained, and the improved strength in my arms, I plan not to repeat this experience. I’m sure there are others waiting for me….but for now, I’m back on course.

Golfing Girl

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