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Power Play Golf Suits Power Day Living

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

The growth of 9 hole golf is underpinned by the fast paced, convenience based power lifestyles of Generation Y today. Many players today do not have the time to commit 4-4.5 hours to cover an 18 hole game.

So it was not unexpected to see a shorter version of the game launched.

PowerPlay golf aims to make golf a “shorter, more accessible and more popular game”; and was launched this week at Northwick Park by a former Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup captain Peter McEvoy, director of a Playgolf.

The PowerPlay Format

  • Played over nine holes, with two flags on each green, one white and one black. The black flag marks the more difficult pin position.
  • Each player nominates at the start of each hole, which flag they will aim for.
  • Uses stableford method of scoring and players who nominate a black pin and pick up a birdie or better, gain extra points.
  • Players must select this ‘powerplay’ option three times a round.
  • The final hole represents a bonus fourth and final ‘powerplay’, the only difference being that a 30-foot diameter circle is placed around the black flag. A shot inside the target area is rewarded with three points while a failed attempt means two docked points.

PowerGolf aim to move this on to the pro game; with golf clubs hosting regular PowerPlay golf events as part of their annual schedule.

As a recent entrant into this obsessive game, I enjoy a quick 9 hole game, which is much easier to fit into my work:play routine. I do find though that it seems all over a little too quickly, so can appreciate how this format will add a little more interest to the short term. I will be looking forward to watching this format develop.

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