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Power Play Golf Suits Power Day Living

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

The growth of 9 hole golf is underpinned by the fast paced, convenience based power lifestyles of Generation Y today. Many players today do not have the time to commit 4-4.5 hours to cover an 18 hole game.

So it was not unexpected to see a shorter version of the game launched.

PowerPlay golf aims to make golf a “shorter, more accessible and more popular game”; and was launched this week at Northwick Park by a former Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup captain Peter McEvoy, director of a Playgolf.

The PowerPlay Format

  • Played over nine holes, with two flags on each green, one white and one black. The black flag marks the more difficult pin position.
  • Each player nominates at the start of each hole, which flag they will aim for.
  • Uses stableford method of scoring and players who nominate a black pin and pick up a birdie or better, gain extra points.
  • Players must select this ‘powerplay’ option three times a round.
  • The final hole represents a bonus fourth and final ‘powerplay’, the only difference being that a 30-foot diameter circle is placed around the black flag. A shot inside the target area is rewarded with three points while a failed attempt means two docked points.

PowerGolf aim to move this on to the pro game; with golf clubs hosting regular PowerPlay golf events as part of their annual schedule.

As a recent entrant into this obsessive game, I enjoy a quick 9 hole game, which is much easier to fit into my work:play routine. I do find though that it seems all over a little too quickly, so can appreciate how this format will add a little more interest to the short term. I will be looking forward to watching this format develop.

Golfing Girl

Welcome to Golf Swing Club

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

As a middle aged business women with a wide range of interests I have little opportunity to harness 4-5 hours during the week to indulge in a sport such as 18-holes of Golf. That of course is on top of the countless hours of driving range practice and instruction.

A common approach of mine to anything in life, is play to ones strengths, rather than indulging countless hours in trying to overcome ones weaknesses.

So it wasn’t out of character for me to apply the same approach to Golf. My natural impatience would be put aside and I would concentrate on how I could be utilised my natural athletic ability to mastering this Game in quick time.

Being a supporter of fitness and health programs I figured this would be the best approach for me, so investigated the biomechanics of the Golf Swing, and developed a fitness program to ‘readify’ my body to the game, before I hit a single ball.

After three weeks of work outs, I hit the driving range and as pleasantly surprised with the results. Three weeks later I was out-driving most of my golfing partner.

Now I recognise that the drive is only one part of the game, but having got to a reasonable level of competence there I started next on the putting, then chipping and pitchcing and finally the fairway shots.

Applying the same physical and mental tools I used to kick off my game entry I am enjoying the fact that much of my Golf practice can be done at home, in a few minutes here and there througout the day.

Whilst I was not born a GenY, I certainly live the lifestyle and quickly adapt most routines to suit my interwoven daily routine.

This site represents the collection of knowledge that I gathered on my journey into Golf and my Blog will account for my progress, in both the Game and everything that surrounds it.

Golfing Girl